Meet Our
Management Team

Behind every successful day at City View Centre is a dedicated and passionate team. Our Management team is comprised of an Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, Finance Controller and Program Managers.

Each day, our Management team works closely with our devoted educators to advise, inform and support the delivery of our exceptional programs.

  • Nadine Amyotte
    RECE | Executive Director
    613-823-7088 Ext. 222

    Nadine found her passion for working with children after graduating from Algonquin College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education. Nadine joined City View Centre in 2003 and, since then, has held numerous positions within the organization. She began as a Family Resource Worker, Program Manager, Assistant Executive Director and is currently City View Centre's Executive Director.

    When she isn't leading the City View Centre team, she enjoys the perks of being a mother and proud grandmother.

  • Marianne MacDonald
    RECE | Program Manager
    613-823-8244 Ext. 231

    Marianne's love of children was born from the need to care for her children. She realized teaching in a formal school setting wasn't the right fit and completed the Early Childhood Education Program at Algonquin College while working as a nanny and raising her son. Marianne worked in a Nursery School for four years before joining City View Centre in 2004.

    When she isn't managing City View Centre's Group Care Program, Marianne loves spending time with friends and her four fabulous grandchildren.

  • Kirsten Dunn
    RECE | Program Manager
    613-823-8244 Ext. 233

    Kirsten always knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. She graduated from Algonquin College in Early Childhood Education. Kirsten's career began as the Head Educator of City View Centre's Preschool Program. With the support of her colleagues, Kirsten helped launch City View Centre's Toddler Program.

    Running both the Group Care and Flexible Care Programs, Kirsten's mission is to help families find the right fit to meet their child's needs.

  • Diana Bourguignon
    RECE | Assistant Executive Director, Program Manager
    613-823-7088 Ext. 229

    Diana has over 20 years of experience working with young children. After graduating from Durham College in Early Childhood Education, she joined City View Centre as a Home Child Care Provider while raising her children. Since then, Diana has held various positions at City View Centre, including Head Teacher of the Nursery School, Home Child Care Advisor, and Program Manager.

    When she isn't juggling her roles as Assistant Executive Director and Program Manager of the Home Child Care Program, Diana enjoys reading books and spending time with her lovely children and grandchildren.

  • Debbie Davidson
    Finance Manager
    613-823-7088 Ext. 234

    Debbie has been the Financial Manager at City View Centre for over 20 years. She heads a financial team of three professionals. Before joining City View Centre, Debbie had over 30 years of experience working in the high-tech sector. She has held various positions, including Financial, Contract Administration, Humane Resources and Office Administration.

    In her free time, Debbie enjoys the company of her family. Her husband, five stepchildren and seven grandchildren keep her busy!

  • Caroline Girard
    RECE | Program Manager
    613-825-5990 Ext. 237

    Caroline has always been passionate about working with children. After graduating from La Cité Collegiale in the Early Childhood Education Program in 1995, she had the opportunity to work as a nanny for many years. Since then, she's gained extensive experience working with children of all ages before joining City View Centre in 2018 as the Program Manager of the EarlyON and Nursery School.

    When she isn't working, she's either playing in her darts and horseshoe league or hitting the hiking trails with her husband and dogs.

  • Brian Polnick
    RECE | Assistant Program Manager
    613-823-8244 Ext. 262

    While travelling, Brian discovered his joy in teaching while working as an English teacher in South Korea. Since joining City View Centre in 2006, Brian has held various positions and somehow found the time to complete Algonquin's Early Childhood Education Program. Before becoming an Assistant Program Manager, Brian worked as the Head Educator in the Preschool and Toddler Program.

    Brian enjoys living outside the city and spending quality time with his son and wife in his spare time.