Home Child Care Program

When a Home Setting for Your Child Is Your Preference

Perhaps a smaller "family-style" child care setting is better suited for your family. We are here to find the perfect provider for you.

Benefits of Home Child Care

With the support of our agency, our home-based providers can offer all the advantages of in-centre care with some additional benefits:

  • Siblings of varied ages can attend the same provider's home.
  • Children develop close relationships with each other and the provider.
  • A smaller number of children in the home allows providers to give more individual time and attention to each child.
  • May accommodate more flexible hours and provide care outside non-traditional hours.
  • You can choose the provider that is the right fit for you and your child.
  • Care may be available in your immediate neighbourhood, or you can choose a home on your route to work or school.
  • Part-time care is available.
  • You receive a yearly tax receipt.

Providers Are Vetted and Regulated Through Our Licensed Agency

You can rest assured that our providers are carefully screened, trained and meet all government standards and regulations.

Our agency does the following screening on your behalf:

  • We check your provider's references.
  • Your Provider and anyone 19 years or older living in the home has to provide a negative "Police Records Check for service with the vulnerable sector" upon joining the agency and a renewal every five years.
  • Your provider completes a yearly Health Questionnaire and must show proof of up-to-date immunization.
  • Your provider is certified in Standard First Aid and CPR (Level C) training.

In addition to being carefully selected, our providers are visited a minimum of once a month by a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Some of these visits are without an appointment. Your provider's home is also inspected quarterly to ensure that all standards of the Ministry, Fire Department, Public Health Department, and local by-laws are respected.

Providers Are Trained & Supported by Our Agency

Your provider receives support from our agency through resources, coaching, training opportunities and even toy and equipment lending.

As a provider with our licensed agency, they are required to follow the Ministry of Education pedagogical framework "How Does Learning Happen" (HDLH) and "Early Learning for Every Child Today" (ELECT).

We ensure that your child receives developmentally appropriate experiences, including programmed activities and community excursions to expand the learning experience.

We Advocate for Your Child

Our role is not only to oversee the quality of our providers' child care services, but also to support and advocate for parents and children.

A Child Care Advisor is assigned as a liaison between parent and provider. Parents, providers and a Child Care Advisor work in partnership to develop consistent standards of care and behaviour between the family home and the provider's home.

Our agency also supports you when your regular provider is unavailable, providing alternative options. In addition, we keep you informed on program updates, Early Childhood Learning information and fun things like crafts and activities for the little ones. And, of course, we are always available should you have any concerns.

Home Child Care Program Rates

Rates as of December 31, 2022: children 0-6 $21.24, over 6 years $46.19 per day billed monthly or bi-monthly.

Please note that the rate posted is as of the time of the website update. Rates are subject to change and are approved by the City of Ottawa. We are mandated to stay within the medium price point for our service area.

Why City View Centre?

  • Non-profit agency with the sole mission of providing quality community services.

  • Program staff are members of the College of Early Childhood Education.

  • Newly renovated state-of-the-art child care facility.

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