Our Board of Directors' Roles & Responsibilities

Shaping the Future of Child Care in Our Community

Our Board of Directors supports and guides the City View Centre leadership team in providing the highest quality services to our community.

As a non-profit organization, City View Centre is managed by an Executive Director and governed by a Board of Directors. Together, their ultimate responsibility is to review, assess and approve the delivery of our programs and services.

The Board and the leadership team at City View work in close collaboration. Due to its members' vast experience and expertise, the Board provides advice and helps City View Centre achieve its strategic goals, backed by a solid policy framework. All board decisions prioritize children and their families, and protect the financial viability of the centre.

Meet Our Board of Directors

City View Centre for Child & Family Services Board of Directors consists of up to ten (10) dedicated members with various backgrounds, expertise and interests. Some members are parents of previously enrolled children; others are invested community members or professionals in accounting, law, or human resources.

No matter their differences, each board member shares the same goal: advancing and supporting optimal child care for every family in our community.

Roles & Responsibilities

City View Centre's Board of Directors plays a critical role in driving and shaping the future of child care in our community. Following a policy governance approach, the Board focuses on establishing strategic objectives to guide the Executive Director and staff.

Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Actively involved in regular board meetings
  • Approve and monitor the agency operating budget
  • Develop a strategic plan for the agency
  • Support and participate in fundraising activities
  • Represent City View Centre in the community
  • Exercise board responsibilities in the best interest of City View Centre
  • Present a financial audit and report at the Annual General Meeting

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