Child Care FAQ

We have provided answers to some common child care questions below. We welcome you to contact us directly if you need more information about any of our programs and how to register.

Home Child Care

  • What is licensed home child care?

    Licensed Home child care is a City View Centre program offering families the option to receive monitored quality child care for their children in a home-based setting.

  • What does the home child care program offer families?

    The Home Child Care Program offers small, multi-age groups with flexible hours to support different child care needs for different families. And much more:

    • A great option to keep siblings together for several years.
    • Low adult-to-child ratio (maximum of five children in care, 6 with agency approval).
    • Consistent child care providers from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds with varying levels of experience in different fields safe, play-based learning program of activities (indoors and outdoors) following the Ministry of Education pedagogical framework How Does Learning Happen (HDLH) and Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT)
    • Flexible schedules to support each child's developmental ages and stages (i.e. feeding and napping/rest schedules).
    • Ongoing monitoring of homes to ensure child care providers meet or exceed Ministry of Education regulatory standards and Agency policies and procedures.

    Please note: monitoring of homes for providers not working with a licensed child care agency is completed mainly by parents. The Ministry of Education intervenes or responds to complaints made directly to them by the public.

  • Where does child care take place?

    Child care takes place in the provider's own homes in various neighbourhoods throughout the Ottawa area (often near a family's home or place of employment or study).

  • Who is eligible to receive licensed home child care and fee subsidies?

    Children eight weeks to twelve years of age. Spaces are available for full-fee families and those receiving child care subsidies administered by the City of Ottawa.

    Please note: only families who meet the eligibility criteria, including having child care with a licensed home child care provider, can access child care fee subsidies through the City of Ottawa. Families receiving care with private/independent providers will not be able to receive financial assistance from the Ministry of Education (administered by the City of Ottawa).

  • How is quality monitored in the home child care setting?

    Parents and child care providers receive ongoing support from full-time, experienced, knowledgeable home child care staff (referred to by the Ministry of Education as "child care advisors.") All home child care staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators with extensive experience and educational backgrounds in early childhood education and related fields.

    The home child care team (manager and advisors) is always just "a phone call away." Support starts with the first contact parents and providers make with the agency and is available throughout their affiliation with the agency.

    Ongoing support includes:

    • Assisting parents and providers in enhancing their understanding of licensed home child care and the Ministry of Education's regulatory requirements and laws
    • Providing ongoing support for providers to meet and exceed updated Ministry of Education regulatory standards, including understanding updates and changes
    • Completing extensive home opening procedures, including careful screening of providers and ensuring a safe environment (indoors and outdoors) for all children
    • Arranging and actively participating in introductory meetings with parents, children and providers
    • Setting up meetings with parents and providers as needed.
    • Completing regular unannounced visits to the home
    • Completing unannounced visits to complete the Ministry of Educations quarterly safety checklist
    • Providing information and resources regarding child development
    • Enhancing awareness of available community supports
    • Supporting providers' professional development
    • Arranging and providing access to workshops and networking opportunities (including first aid training, HDLH and ELECT training…)

    Please note: The home child care team is happy to support parents and providers in the community by answering their general questions regarding licensed home child care and the Ministry of Education's regulations.

    Parents and providers not affiliated with an agency must independently initiate and seek support, resources, workshops, and professional development opportunities.

Playgroups Program

  • What is the EarlyON program?

    The Early ON program is provincially funded and serves families with children 0-6 years of age. Each location has specific schedules and policies, but all EarlyON Centres follow the same core principles and mandates.

  • Is there a cost to attend the Playgroups?

    The program is fully funded through the province of Ontario; there is no cost to families that use our services. The same applies to all EarlyON Centre programs throughout the province.

  • Can I register for the Playgroups program?

    The province mandates us to offer services on a first come, first served basis, so we cannot register families ahead of time. The only exception is when workshops are offered, as the presenter would need to know the amount of supplies necessary to run the program.

  • How many children can I bring with me when I attend the program?

    An adult can bring up to 5 children to participate in the programs.

  • What are the Playgroups hours?

    We are open for information and referrals from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am- 4:30 pm. For playgroups and workshops, please look at our calendar on the website.

  • Are all EarlyON Centres the same?

    All centres have the same core services and mandates, but follow agency-specific policies and procedures. For this reason, you will come across differences from centre to centre.

  • What services do you provide? Do you only have playgroups?

    The majority of families take advantage of the playgroups with their children, but we also provide:

    • Workshops - both adults alone and interactive child/adult
    • Help families with referrals to other agencies on child development.
    • Help families with information on child development and other services and programs in our riding.
  • What is the benefit of Playgroups, and when do they take place?

    A playgroup gives families an opportunity to learn and play with their child(ren) in a play-based environment. All families with children 0-6 years of age are welcome to attend the groups. Please see our calendar of events on our website for program-specific schedules.

  • Does the parent/caregiver have to stay with their child?

    An adult must stay with their child(ren) as this is for the family to be co-learners and engage in active, creative and meaningful exploration, play and inquiry.

Nursery School

  • What does a typical day in Nursery School look like?

    The Nursery School program follows a daily routine which allows the children to engage in play and inquiry-based learning opportunities. Children participate as co-investigators, co-learners and co-planners in their daily play environments. We use the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child), and the "How Does Learning Happen?" framework document provided by the Ministry of Education as a guide in our Curriculum planning for our program.

  • When is the program?

    The program is two mornings a week, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 9 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. from September to June.

  • How much does the Nursery School program cost?

    The fees are set and posted yearly.

  • Does my child need to be toilet trained?

    It would be ideal for the children attending the program to be toilet trained.

  • How do you decide which group my child is in?

    The children are divided into three (3) small learning groups with one educator. The children are selected randomly in groups with the educators. An educator has eight (8) children in their group and will be responsible for writing reports concerning each child's initial adjustment and writing stories on some of the learning opportunities we have captured.

  • How old does my child need to be?

    All children entering the program must be 2 ½ years of age (30 months). We enrol children throughout the year as spaces become available and children become the proper age.

Group Child Care Programs

  • What are the hours of care?

    The centre is open from 7:15 am to 5:45 pm.

  • What are the staff-to-children ratios?

    Infant: 10 children to 3 educators
    Toddler: 15 children to 3 educators
    Preschool: 24 children to 3 educators

  • Are all educators ECE qualified?

    At least 2/3 of the educators in each program are ECE certified. ECEs are required to be a member in good standing of the College of Early Childhood Educators.

  • Are all staff required to have their First Aid/CPR?

    Yes. The Ministry of Education requires everyone working with the children to have their Standard First Aid and CPR-C training.

  • Will my child be required to sleep?

    Children are not required to sleep. If they are tired, they will fall asleep. They must have a rest period on their bed while the rest of the room settles for their naps. If they do not sleep, they are given quiet activities in the classroom.

  • What happens if my child is sick? When do I need to keep them home?

    If your child is ill at night or in the morning, please call the Centre to report their absence. If your child becomes ill at the Centre, we will contact you to pick them up. Illnesses may include: but are not limited to an elevated temperature, vomiting, diarrhea, unexplained rash, head lice, impetigo, scabies, chickenpox, mouth sores, and tongue drooling.

  • Is there a "Gradual Entry period" so my child can get used to the program?

    We have a two-day "Gradual Entry" period. Start dates are usually on Monday, the first two days of the week are half days, and your child will stay from drop-off time until after lunch. On Wednesday, your child will stay for nap time until they're picked up at 2:30 p.m. Your child will stay for a full day of care on Thursday and Friday. This gradual entry allows your child to bond positively with the Educators and the other children in their program and is less overwhelming for those entering care for the first time.

Flexible Care Program

  • How is this program different from the other programs?

    The Flexible Care program is a home away from home for those children of parents who work outside of our regular group care hours. Children can attend part-time, a few days a week or a few days a month, whatever they need.

  • What ages do you accept in this program?

    This program is a family grouping of up to 15 children from the ages of 1-12 years. This grouping type allows us to care for a family with children of multiple ages to attend together.

  • What is a family grouping?

    A family grouping is a group that can be comprised of different ages of children. This will allow a family to bring all of their children into the program to be together as long as they fit in the approved age range. We can have a variety of aged children from one year old to twelve years. The number of children permitted and the number of staff needed will be based on the ages of the children attending.

  • What are the hours of operation now and in the future?

    We are now open Monday to Saturday 6 am to 8 pm but as more children enroll and the need increases so will the hours of operation. Our goal is to be eventually open 24/7, only closed on Christmas day.

  • How far in advance do I need to book my child into the program?

    It would be best to book the days needed as far in advance as possible to give us the time to book and give our staff their schedule. Ideally, a month in advance would be preferable.

  • Will you accept last-minute bookings?

    Yes, if we have space and the age of your child fits our ratios, we can accept last minute bookings.

  • Can children stay for the entire weekend?

    No, children cannot stay more than 23 hours in a 24 hour day. There must be a break in care between days.

  • Do parents have to be working to use this program?

    The idea behind this program is that it is for working parents or sleeping parents (if they need sleep after a shift). If you are subsidized you must be working or sleeping in order to use this care. If you are paying the full fee, priority will be given to working parents but a space can be booked for care for other reasons.

  • Do parents have to be working to use this program?

    The idea behind this program is that it is for working parents or sleeping parents (if they need sleep after a shift). If you are subsidized you must be working or sleeping in order to use this care. If you are paying the full fee, priority will be given to working parents but a space can be booked for care for other reasons.

  • How do we enroll our child(ren)?

    You can enroll through the City of Ottawa website and by calling the centre at 613-823-8244. It is a good idea to enroll your child(ren) before the care is needed. This process takes a few days.

  • Is there subsidized spaces?

    There are subsidies available through the city of Ottawa, subsidies must be approved before care begins or full fees will be applied.

  • What kind our menu will you have for the children?

    Our cook will be making the food for the children, some may be made by the educators and children. The menu will be the same as the daily menu for the children in the other classrooms.

  • How will the bedtime routine look like?

    All information on bedtime routine is included in our parent handbook and is available by sending us an email. We have cribs, single beds and bunk beds. Each child will have their own space to sleep.

  • Can my child have a bath or shower before bedtime?

    Parent can request a bath or shower for their children. A permission form would need to be filled out before this can happen.

  • Will children have outdoor time?

    We will have outdoor time if possible in the playyards at the centre. We also have a nice veranda that can be used on those wet days.

  • Do we need to bring bed sheets, towels, etc?

    The centre has towels and sheets and a laundry facility. Sheets will be laundered between stays and children. Everything is explained in our parent handbook.